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HP Touchpad

August 22, 2011 Posted by admin

Ok, I was attempting to resist the temptation to post anything about the HP Touchpad until I had already begun working on one, but with that said…

It looks like I may be getting my hands on a 16 GB touchpad as soon as this evening. I have seen talk about porting android over. I may leave that to the experts. I may not. However, I will be looking at installing Ubuntu on the tablet. I also have an interesting idea about installing several other OSes with the ability to switch between them on the fly… Stay Tuned!

OpenSuSE Wacom Tablet Installer

July 29, 2011 Posted by admin

Updated Script – Includes a patch for the latest linuxwacom driver.

This is not really on topic for this site, but I will take liberty and post it anyway since it falls somewhere in the middle of tablet and desktop pc technology.  The script below is also posted at SDB:Wacom tablet installer.


The purpose of this script is to automate and simplify the installation of Wacom tablets. This script has only been tested on a Bamboo Pen & Touch(CTH-460) tablet. However, the script should work for other wacom tablets as well. The script has been modifed to take into account the current version of xorg. The linuxwacom drivers will only be installed if neccessary. Thanks to Frankstappers for pointing this out.